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  • Andreas Fischer in a friend’s workshop, cutting material for the van’s interior

    Converting to a Camper in 4 Steps –
    a Report in Pictures

    Today we bring you a report loaded with pictures, which should be particularly interesting for the DIYers and hobby mechanics among you: Munich-based journalist and photographer Andreas Fischer shows us how he converted his VW T6 into a camper.

  • The aim of Andreas Fischer’s conversion project is to turn a used VW T6 into a camper that can be driven comfortably both in warm countries and in cool mountain regions.

    Here are the key steps of the conversion in brief:

    • Installing the raised floor and the bench seat/bed (workshop)
    • Installing an electrical system with on-board battery for lighting, the parking heater, fridge, and solar panel on the roof (workshop)
    • Installing a parking heater (workshop, Webasto Gilching)
    • Insulating the side panels and designing and building the cabinet units, fold-out outdoor kitchen (own work)

    If you are toying with the idea of traveling in your own camper, you can either purchase a new vehicle or convert an existing one into a camper. Andreas Fischer opted for the latter and chose a used VW T6 as his model.

    A VW T6 4MOTION with diff-lock and less than 100,000 kilometers on the clock can be purchased online for around 25,000 euros. An option for anyone who wants to let loose and enjoy genuine independence when searching for places to stay overnight. And for anyone who needs a Euro 6 vehicle because they live in a major city where it is expected that old diesel motors may be banned in two- or three-years’ time.

    Once you’ve found your dream T6, let the conversion begin! You either ascend to camper conversion heaven on your own or you seek help. Andreas Fischer decided to find workshops to do the technically challenging and TÜV-related alterations. The many little details and refinements as well as the furnishings were the only things he created using his own tools at a friend’s carpenter’s shop. This work was completed at the end of the conversion process.


  • Step 1: Installing a wooden raised floor and fold-out bench seat

    VW T6 with the interior and seats removed. The T6 had eight seats, with an auxiliary heater in the rear right corner. Removing the seat fixtures takes some effort.

    These steps are completed in a workshop north of Hamburg. The first step is to remove the eight seats and their fixtures, which takes some effort, as they can only be unscrewed from below. Sheets of metal also need to be removed and the auxiliary heater paneling has to come out, as it is taking up too much room. The auxiliary heating itself remains in the vehicle.

  • VW T6 camper conversion: VW T6 with no seat fixtures, but with wooden flooring and a fold-out bed. The seat fixtures are out, the wooden flooring is in, the paneling on the auxiliary heating at the rear is off, the fold-out bench has been assembled.

    A wooden floor is then installed, and the fold-out bench assembled. The latter is one of the highlights, as it is unrivaled in terms of the amount of storage space and is also extremely sturdy. The fold-out bench seat/bed also has two seat belts, meaning four people can legally travel in the van. The backrest can also be folded up against the direction of travel so that you can enjoy the view of the countryside behind the van through the tailgate.

  • Step 2: Installing the electrical system with TÜV registration as a camper

    Next, a storage box for the mattress is fitted and a kitchen unit is installed. The latter enables the position of the vertical assembly board for the electrics to be determined.

    The vehicle’s TÜV approval as a camper is completed there and then in the workshop.

    : VW T6 camper conversion: the Votronic Triple Charger. The Triple Charger regulates the solar power infeed and protects the lithium battery against overcharging.
  • VW T6 camper conversion: 40-liter cool box from Webasto. The 40-liter cool box from Webasto is also along for the ride.

    Fortunately, the workshop has a lot of experience in dealing with Euro 6 control units in the VW T6, as this can be pretty treacherous: A Triple Charger circumvents the energy-saving electronics, which switches off the alternator as soon as the starter battery is charged. The charger is a charging converter that regulates the solar power infeed. The idea is to attach a flexible photovoltaic panel to the roof later. The charging converter protects the lithium battery against overcharging and has a built-in charger with external power.

    The lithium battery is under the driver’s seat. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity means the charging status can be checked at any time using a smartphone. A simulator controlled by engine vibrations means you can reliably charge the on-board battery while driving.

    A very low-noise 40-liter Isotherm travel box from Webasto is also on board to keep food and drink refreshingly cool on the road.

  • Step 3: Installing the Webasto parking heater

    The Webasto Air Top 2000 STC parking heater is installed in the Webasto workshop in Gilching. The Air Top 2000 STC parking heater is installed at the Webasto workshop in Gilching near Munich.

    Next, a parking heater from Webasto is installed to keep the interior pleasantly warm, especially on cold nights. It is retrofitted at the Webasto workshop in Gilching near Munich.


    Webasto employee installing the Webasto Air Top 2000 STC parking heater. : A Webasto employee fits the backplate for the Air Top 2000 STC parking heater under the passenger seat.

    Webasto Air Top 2000 STC parking heater. The Air Top 2000 STC and MultiControl dashboard panel before installation.

    The parking heater is pretty economical: it consumes little diesel and electricity while running quietly. For easy use of the parking heater, a MultiControl has been installed.


    Installation of a Webasto Air Top 2000 STC parking heater: MultiControl element for controlling the parking heater. Up to three preset times per day can be set for the parking heater using the MultiControl control element.


  • Step 4: Designing the cabinet unit, kitchen unit and fold-out outdoor kitchen with gas stove

    When building and installing the furnishings, Andreas Fischer recruits a friend with a well-equipped workshop to help him.

    The van is designed so that you can cook behind the vehicle, under the tailgate, when the weather is nice. There is a two-ring stove here, which is supplied via a normal camping gas cylinder, and a large water canister. There is no built-in hob or elaborate sink system with waste-water tank in the interior to save space.

    But if the weather is bad or the outdoor temperature is not so pleasant, food can be cooked inside. In this case, the kitchen unit with stove and fold-out table are used.

    The VW T6 has now been transformed into a camper that gives us all wanderlust. We are sure many epic adventures in his camper lie ahead for Andreas Fischer. You can read about one of them here.

    © Images by Andreas Fischer, 2021.


  • The interior of the VW T6 camper conversion: the kitchen unit with stove and fold-out table. If it happens to rain and you need to cook inside: the kitchen unit with stove and fold-out table.
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