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  • Road in a winter landscape to the sunrise with power lines.

    Electric Cars: Getting Through Winter
    Intelligently and Efficiently.

    In the dark and cold season, electric cars lose range because they have to use a lot of energy for lighting and heating.

    We have 5 tips to reduce the loss of range.

  • Winter wonderland - Tesla drives trough a forest. Especially in a beautiful winter landscape the electric car is really enjoyable. 

    Winter has a lot in store for us with highlights like Christmas, New Year's Eve and, with a little luck, wonderful snowy landscapes. But where there is light, there is also shadow. Drivers of electric cars face a challenge in winter: they consume more energy and therefore have less range. Depending on the vehicle model, this loss of range can be up to 50% of the range in summer.

    The cold season has three main effects. The first one is the most obvious: if you don't want to freeze in your car, you have to turn on the heating. With the exception of the drive, it consumes the most energy in the vehicle. In addition, the rear and front windscreens must be heated so that the driver can see well enough. Would it be possible to simply drive faster in order to arrive sooner and heat for a shorter time? Unfortunately not, because at higher speeds the range decreases even further due to friction losses or wind resistance. Secondly: the cold affects the conductivity within the batteries which means that chemical reactions take place more slowly. The efficiency of the energy storage system decreases. To prevent this, the battery in many electric cars is heated, which increases the energy consumption once more. And thirdly, it is darker in winter, so drivers need to drive with their lights on more often. This third aspect also puts a strain on the batteries and thus reduces the range. So what can you do?

  • 5Tips for more efficiency in winter. 

    We have put together 5 tips on how to get through the cold months intelligently and efficiently.


    Tip #1

    Heat selectively.
    Sitting in the car on your own, but heating the entire interior? Try turning up the seat and steering wheel heating and set the general heating to lower temperatures or even switch it off.

    Tip #2

    Use the garage.
    If you keep your electric car in a garage overnight, you will save the energy that would be needed to heat up frozen windows and you already have a higher interior temperature to start with.

  • The display of the electric car simply shows the range. With 5 tricks you can easily increase the range of electric cars in winter.
  • Electric car is under the carport in winter. Woman gets in the car. Preheat your electric car while charging with a wallbox. 
  • Tip #3

    Preheat when charging.
    If you charge your electric car overnight with a charging station such as the Webasto Pure, you can preheat the interior at the same time. Because to do this, you use the power supply system and not your the drive battery. Many electric cars can even be programmed accordingly.

    Tip #4

    Switch on eco mode. 
    Many electric vehicles have a special driving mode that optimises all aspects to ensure efficient energy management. Just press the button.

    Tip #5

    Find the most efficient speed.
    As already mentioned, the range decreases at higher speeds. At low speeds, on the other hand, the heater runs longer, which puts a strain on the batteries and thus also reduces the range. It is therefore important to find a happy medium to maximise efficiency. Ask your car dealer what speed he recommends in winter and start from there.

  • Special tip: If you are thinking about switching to an electric car, you can ask specifically whether the model is delivered with an electric high-voltage heater from Webasto. These super-efficient devices convert 95% of the battery charge into heat. They are also fast, powerful and infinitely adjustable. Unfortunately, high-voltage heaters cannot be retrofitted, but are only installed ex works. So it is best to consider this when purchasing the car.

    We wish you a safe journey – with long range and cosy warmth!

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