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  • Mother and daughter discover the world on a map.

    See the World From the Comfort of Your Own Home.

    Travel plans? If only! The sad-but-life-saving truth is we all need to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Fortunately, there are ways to explore the big wide world – virtually, at least. Come on a slightly different voyage of discovery with us. Be inspired and see where your next real-life trip might take you. Explore exciting places around the world and start to look forward to your next holiday.

  • Exploring the world at home, through a computer screen?

    These days, that’s no problem at all. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can simply install the free Maps app, which has a 3D flyover tour feature. With the slogan “Visit interesting places before you actually go”, you can explore many major cities and other interesting places with this app’s 3D flyover tour. One tap or click is all it takes for the camera to automatically show you the top tourist attractions. Never been to New York? Then come on, let’s go! Has Acapulco always seemed too far away? Now all it takes is a tap or click. Are you in the mood for Hawaii? Type in ‘Lihue’ then sit back, relax and marvel at the two waterfalls in 3D. It’s almost like looking at a photo. Or would you prefer something more mystical and adventurous? Then let’s go to Stonehenge!


    The beautiful landscape of Hawaii Even the beautiful landscape of Hawaii is suddendly just a click away.
  • Stay at home and explore the world. Here’s how.

    The picturesque bay of Acapulco From Hawaii to Mexico within seconds.
      1. Download the Maps app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
      2. Open the app and zoom out until you can see major cities. Stop when you see a little circle with ‘3D’ in it. This indicates there is a 3D flyover tour available here.
      3. Click or tap on the circle and start the tour with another click or tap.
      4. Then off you go. The camera will automatically fly across the 3D map and show you the highlights, with the names of each attraction displayed at the bottom of the screen.

      Check this list to see which destinations can be explored on a 3D flyover tour.

  • 360 virtual reality videos on YouTube

    If the Apple Maps app isn’t compatible with your operating system, there is an alternative: 360 VR travel videos on YouTube. These videos are also free to watch. What makes them so special? The camera angle can be moved in all directions – either via the mouse pad in the video if you’re on a laptop or desktop or by moving your smartphone or tablet. Left, right, up and down – anywhere, it’s 360° after all.

    Search on YouTube for ‘360 VR travel’ to find a fascinating selection of videos. Here is an exemplery video to give you a taste of what to expect.

    So, dear globetrotters, we hope this post has inspired you to explore new places from the comfort of your own home. Bon voyage!

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