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    Holidays away from Corona 

    A holiday despite the pandemic? It can be done! Camping, sailing and motor home holidays seem to be popular options this year. We’re here to give you tips on how to have an unforgettable holiday, bearing in mind the rules on social distancing and limited contact.

    A few things have been called off this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But there’s also plenty that hasn’t been cancelled: The sun makes an appearance every now and then, as do blue skies. And there’s always time for a day trip to the local countryside with family. So let’s feel the freedom of the great outdoors!

  • A holiday in a motor home despite COVID-19 

    The bright blue sky and the row of green trees on the horizon are reflected in the lake before you. A gust of wind blows through the grass and the blades tickle your feet. You relax into your folding chair, listen to the birds and enjoy the fresh air on your idyllic holiday.

    This could be a reality for you, once travelling is allowed and you can get away from it all in a motor home. After all, you’re taking your own four walls with you, while still being able to discover something new every day. Especially now, in the age of the coronavirus, the ability to be flexible when responding to travel warnings or changes in regulations is a major advantage. A motor home can help you to swerve new COVID-19 spikes. That way, you will always be surrounded by your loved ones and you can reduce contact with others to an absolute minimum.

    Cooking delicious food yourself rather than social distancing at the hotel buffet? Not a problem with your diesel cooker and a well-stocked fridge. During cold nights, a parking heater will provide cosy warmth. What more could you need?

    motor home in front of lake with sunset With a motor home you stay flexible and are able to stop at lonely places.
  • Pitching up: Why not ask a farmer?

    caravan in front of a farmers house Parking the caravan on the farm or at the winemaker is a great alternative of the campsite.

    It’s no wonder that these benefits have triggered a camping boom in places where travel is allowed. As campsites are also limited on number of spaces, pitches are highly coveted and many are booked up in advance. Of course, there are alternatives to classic camping. 

    our tip

    Landvergnügen is a network of farmers, wine growers and brewers throughout the country. They have each pledged to host camper vans free for one night when campers display their Landvergnügen annual vignette. The 2020 German-language guide costs €34.90 including the vignette and the app and is expected to be once again available for purchase from 4 July. Provided the travel ban will be lifted, you can also take matters into your own hands and contact farmers based in your holiday destination directly.

  • Sleeping in a tent: back to back with nature.

    Do you fancy a camping trip once it’s safe to do so... but you prefer to travel in your own car instead of renting a caravan? Easy! All you need is a tent and you’ll be even closer to nature. Many campsites make up for the lack of comfort found in a tent. For example, they often have showers, toilets, hairdryers, baby changing units, eateries and a kiosk.

    couple While camping back to back with nature and can spend lonely hours. 
  • Going on holiday despite coronavirus: on a sailing boat

    sailing boat on the sea with mountains No distance regulations - Enjoying freedom on the sailing boat.

    Countless small waves sparkle like diamonds in the sunshine and gently rock your sailing boat from side to side. A fresh breeze ruffles your hair and propels your boat forwards. Majestic mountains tower on the horizon, their peaks covered in snow. White clouds glide above your head, as if in slow motion. Social distancing? Face masks? You smile at these concepts, as the only creatures you would need to stay away from here are the fish in the water and the seagulls in the sky.But don't forget, you're so excited: At sea, the blazing sun can quickly heat up the boat. So that you don't have the feeling of stewing in an oven below deck, Webasto offers you air conditioning solutions for all requirements and boats. This makes the walk below deck at hot temperatures a pleasant refreshment. 

    Nevertheless, you need to be well prepared when setting sail on your dream holiday.

    OUR tip

    Book and pay for available berths via dockspot.com. It’s easy to do on your smartphone.

  • Whether you set off in your motor home, stay in a tent, take to the seas in a sailing boat or do something completely different: We hope you have a lovely, safe, relaxing holiday as far distanced from the coronavirus as can be. Stay healthy and have fun!

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