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  • A man walks up to his electric car, which is charging at a wallbox.

    Soon to Be Your Legal Right:

    A Wallbox in Your Own Home.

    Having your very own charging station for your electric vehicle makes everything so much easier. Residents in Germany will soon be legally entitled to install a wallbox at home, no matter whether they’re a tenant or homeowner.

  • Electric cars are capturing imaginations and hearts and increasingly taking over the streets. The network of public charging stations is undergoing vast expansion, there are many new services available and the German government is making every effort to promote electromobility. The Cabinet has just passed a draft bill that will provide further momentum to electric car, plug-in hybrid and e-bike users. According to the bill, tenants and homeowners in Germany will soon be legally entitled to install a wallbox at home. Tenants will no longer have to persuade their landlord; homeowners will no longer need permission from co-owners. It’s a breath of fresh air for many! We have answered all the key questions on this topic for you here.

  • What is a wallbox and why do I need one?

    A wallbox is a wall charging unit that refuels your electric car. It is better than a standard household plug socket in many ways. Not only can a charging station recharge your car much faster and more efficiently, it also saves 5-6% energy and is thus more eco-friendly. It is also safer and smart. You can read more on this in our Wallbox vs. Household Plug Sockets article.

    Which steps must I take if I want to have a charging station at home?

    Fortunately, not too many. Once the new law is passed, landlords and ownership communities in Germany will only be able to resist an installation in exceptional cases. You will then have every right to have a wallbox in your home. Simply contact your landlord or property management company to discuss the specifics. It is worth noting that you will need to register with your local distribution network operator before a charging station can be installed at home in Germany. If the charging capacity exceeds 12 kW, the distribution network operator will need to approve the wallbox. A qualified electrician can do all of this for you.

    A man is charging his electric car fast and easily with his charging station. A wallbox charges your car fast, safely, and eco-friendly. 
  • Electrician installs a wallbox at a carport. A wallbox can be installed flexibly - either on a wall or a stylish stand.

    How will my charging station be installed?

    A wallbox must always be installed by a certified trained electrician. Webasto is an experienced expert in this field. We can provide a site analysis and cost estimate before you purchase. The costs will depend on the specific circumstances at your home. For example, whether electrical connections are available where you park. A reliable Webasto partner will install the charging station for you.

    Where can I have my wallbox installed?

    You can quite simply install your charging station on a wall, for example in an underground garage or by your outdoor parking space. If there’s nowhere to install your charging station where you park, the wallbox can also be installed on a high-quality and stylish Webasto stand.

  • Which product is right for me?

    The Webasto Live smart solution is a great option for tenants who want to share their charging station with others. Or for parking spaces that cannot be assigned to a specific electricity meter. Webasto Live will give you an exact calculation in kW/h, so charging can be billed separately. You can see accurate information on who charged when and how much as each user will need to go through an authentication process using an RFID chip on the wallbox. You can view all charging processes, create reports and control the charging station at the click of a button on screen via a backend system (optional extra).

    Webasto Pure is just as efficient and high performance. This solution is perfect if you simply want to charge your electric car, without any smart features. The Webasto Pure is easy to lock with a key switch to restrict access.

    Webasto Live charging station hanging on the stand. The smart Webasto Live offers various digital functionalities.
  • Man is in a phone conversation with his landlord. Note down all your questions and discuss them with your landlord or property management.

    Which issues will I need to discuss with my landlord or property management?

    Have you decided to have your own wallbox installed at home? Fantastic! Simply approach your landlord or property management company and discuss the following issues to make the process run smoothly.

    • Who is paying for the installation and costs of the wallbox? Is the landlord paying and leasing out the charging station to you? Or do you need to pay the costs yourself?
    • Who is going to book the installation?
    • Which features does the wallbox need?

    Tip: Please record all outcomes of the discussion in your tenancy agreement.

    We hope you’re now well-informed about wallboxes and will soon be the proud owner of one in your very own home. Simply, quickly and hassle-free.

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