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  • 900 electric horsepower?

    Ford and Webasto are proud to present the iconic Mustang sports car, now available as an all-electric vehicle. The Mustang Lithium is an ultra-high-performance prototype that looks fast, even when stood still.

  • The highlight of the SEMA fair

    Click, click, click. The stylish Mustang Lithium is snapped from all sides. The petrolheads attending the SEMA Show in Las Vegas want to record every angle of the vehicle with their phones. Their eyes light up just as bright – maybe even brighter – than the spotlights illuminating the sports car.  In a groundbreaking move, Ford and Webasto are presenting a vision enticing all drivers – not just sports car fans – to switch to electric. Are you worried the advent of electric cars will oust hot rods? Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because the Mustang Lithium is an all-electric vehicle that far exceeds the dynamics of a conventional muscle car. Speed and zero emissions – it seems you can have both.


    The 900 hp Mustang at the SEMA tuning fair in Las Vegas.
  • The 800-volt battery system in the Mustang.

    800-volt battery system from Webasto

    A Phi-Power electric motor turbocharges the new Ford Mustang, while an 800-volt battery system from Webasto supplies the necessary power. 800 volts is around twice the voltage of the average electric car. This innovative, cutting-edge technology generates less heat and is lighter and more powerful than comparable systems. The resulting performance is quite an achievement: When the driver taps the accelerator, they instantly have 900 hp and 1,355 Nm at their disposal. At zero emissions. 


  • Raw power from the get-go

    Whereas combustion engines need a little time to realise their full power potential on the streets, the Mustang Lithium can unleash its raw power from the get-go. It feels like you're sat in a jet. The driver is thrust back in their seat, glad to have a steering wheel to hold on tight. The gear system is equally extraordinary: whereas electric cars are usually automatic, the Mustang Lithium features six-speed manual transmission. This unique mix of cutting-edge technology and tradition is part of the charm of this electric sports car.

    Alongside the battery, Webasto also supplies the charging cable and the wallbox

    to ensure the Mustang Lithium is always charged in a flash and ready for action. After all, this powerful and pioneering electric car is designed for the road, not the garage.

  • The Mustang loading on a wallbox.
  • A view into the interior of the Mustang...
  • ... and the sleek rear view. 
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    • 900 electric horsepower?

      Ford and Webasto are proud to present the iconic Mustang sports car, now available as an all-electric vehicle.

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