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  • Off Season Shopping

    Be a smart shopper:
    shop in the off season and save

    If products are not currently in season, they will often be cheaper.
    You can save a lot of money by shopping for snowboards in spring,
    for example. It’s all about buying in the off season. It’s not difficult,
    but it does require some thought. We've done the research for you
    and figured out when to buy a variety of products throughout the year.
    We hope it gives you some inspiration!

  • Shop in the off season throughout the year:

  • January

    Shopping for Christmas bits in January... It sounds really odd, but you can make significant savings. After all, Christmas products are at their cheapest just after the holiday season. So if you’re not happy with your tangled mess of Christmas tree lights, why not buy new ones in January? Many other products are great value for money at this time of year, too. After all, a lot of people are on
    a tight budget at the start of the year since the Christmas shopping was expensive and people have bills to pay. Many retailers therefore try to counteract this with special offers on household appliances, home electronics, watches and jewellery.

    Offer on watches in the shop window Christmas was expensive? Watches and jewelry are now available for the small purse
  • Book on the balcony furniture in spring In spring it is still too cold for the balcony, but you can already make provisions with garden furniture and books.
  • February

    Summer is still ages away in February. So it’s a good time to bag bargains on garden furniture, swimwear or bike accessories. As a smart spender, you probably also know that tour operators advertise early bird booking discounts on summer holidays in the first few months of the year.

    March / April

    Spring is here. Who’s thinking about skis, snowboards and winter gear at this time of year? That’s right – you are.

    May / June

    Book lovers are in for a treat: many books get their paperback release in these months, when they were previously only available in a more expensive hardcover copy. Interestingly, indoor fitness gear normally goes down in price in May and June because most active people would rather train outside in these months.

  • July

    Buying winter tyres in summer? Very few people come up with ideas like this. And yet purchasing furniture, clothing and winter equipment for the car in the off season really does pay off. There is also a huge demand for all things barbecue in July, and a huge range of products come onto the market here. As a consequence, prices drop. There are special offers. Camping equipment can also be low cost at this time of year.


    Winter is still months away. If you like shopping in the off season, you’ll purchase things like a parking heater for your vehicle now so that you can jump into a nice, warm car on icy-cold days. From 1 August to 31 October this year, Webasto will be offering a very special saving of up to €310. You can find further information on parking heaters here.

    Parking heater heats the car in winter before you start Winter tyres in summer? Especially in hot months, winter tyres and parking heaters are available at a low price.
  • Many shopping bags after successful shopping for Black Friday Black Friday - the tradition of the bargain day from the USA is now internationally present.
  • September / October

    Barbecue season is over. Warehouses need to be cleared out. The best way to do this
    is with bargain prices. But there are also deals on upcoming winter holidays and home electronics, which will cost less now than in the run-up to Christmas.


    If you want a 2021 calendar, you should act now at the very latest, as the Christmas
    trade will increase prices. Incidentally, this also applies to the prices of baking ingredients.

    Tip: Black Friday is the last Friday in November and an excellent day to bag a bargain.
    The tradition of jaw-dropping discounts comes from the USA and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, both online and in store.

  • December

    With Christmas and New Year’s Eve, December is one heck of a month and not just for shopping. This is the time when many companies pay out their Christmas bonuses and people are in a buying mood. Prices go up. But it doesn’t matter: if you’ve used the past eleven months to shop smart, then you can kick back and relax – without all the stress that Christmas brings. Happy shopping and saving!

    Many presents for Christmas under the Christmas tree In December you can enjoy a relaxed Christmas if you have been shopping anti-cyclically throughout the year.
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