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  • Woman stands in front of her plug-in hybrid with a tablet in her hand.

    Plug-in Hybrid Cars: Entry Into the Electric Era. 

    Plug-in hybrid systems act as a bridge combining the best of both worlds: the benefits of electromobility and the positive properties of a combustion engine. What exactly does that mean? Read on to find out.

  • There are many benefits to electric cars, one of which is they’re really fun to drive. One small drawback, however, is that an electric car’s range rarely exceeds 400 km (roughly 250 miles) and the infrastructure of public charging stations is not yet well established. Neither of these disadvantages apply to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), electric cars with a battery that can either be charged at a charging station or using a built-in combustion engine. Driving a PHEV is a really easy way to get into e-mobility, with all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

  • Here are the key benefits at a glance. 

    Benefit 1


    When you get behind the wheel of a plug-in hybrid, you can simply and flexibly switch between two modes of driving at the touch of a button: electromobility in city traffic, the range of a combustion engine on road trips. You’ll be emission-free, low-noise and eco-friendly on short trips, with the assurance of having a high range and being able to refuel quickly as required on long journeys.

    Benefit 2

    Environmental bonus.

    On 19 February 2020, the environmental bonus was increased and the application process simplified for new plug-in hybrids in Germany. For new plug-in hybrids with a price tag of €40,000, the grant has been increased to €4,500. PHEV owners also pay less VAT. For more information, visit the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control’s website.

    Change to electric - now. Switch flexibly between electric and combustion engine.
  • Webasto Live charging station is unlocked with RFID chip. Simply recharge your plug-in hybrid quickly and easily with the Webasto Live.

    Benefit 3

    Electric car status.

    You can officially register a PHEV as an electric vehicle. This will give you a special registration plate with an ‘E’ at the end, which allows you to pay less motor vehicle tax in Germany. You can also use certain car parks in some German cities for free when you drive an electric car.

    Benefit 4

    Quick charging process.

    Compared to an all-electric car, the battery in a plug-in hybrid model is smaller. So it can be charged faster, for example with the Webasto Live home charging station.

  • Benefit 5

    A fun drive from the get-go.

    The driving experience in an electric car is completely different to a diesel or petrol vehicle. There is no build-up until the engine reaches full power – you can go full throttle immediately. You can feel it – it’s so much fun. Many say you feel like you’re floating when driving an electric car.

    Benefit 6

    Huge choice.

    There are many benefits to the plug-in hybrid concept, as described here, so it should come as no surprise that numerous manufacturers make hybrid vehicles. There is a wide range of models, so you can pick the car of your choice.

    Group of girls and boys enjoy driving an plug-in hybrid. You feel like you're floating when driving an electric car.
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    • Plug-in Hybrid: Entry Into the Electric Era. 

      Plug-in hybrid systems act as a bridge combining the best of both worlds: the benefits of electromobility and the positive properties of a combustion engine.

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