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    Top Eight Tips for Converting to an Electric Car  

    Are you toying with the idea of eventually entering the electric era? Great! This article lists our top eight tips for converting to an electric vehicle, so that from the outset you can keep an eye on all that is important.

  • Tip 1: Do your research and don't give up. 

    Electromobility is evolving at a rapid pace. Factors that caused issues yesterday are no longer problematic today – or are at least headed in the right direction. For example, even though electric cars are still comparatively expensive to buy, government grants are available in many countries, drivers save on fuel and pay around 60% less in maintenance costs. We have already written about other preconceived notions that belong in the past here. So do your own research and don’t give up straight away if you hear something bad about electric vehicles.

    Tip 2: Match your requirements to the vehicles on the market.

    Think about your day-to-day life. Which features does your car need to have to make your life easier? What is an absolute must? What is nice to have? Which car fits this bill and your budget? The TV show and car magazine Top Gear has compiled a list of their 15 favourite electric vehicles here.

    Couple sitting in front of their computer Couple informs itself about the change to an electric car simply from home.
  • How to convert to an electric car. 

    Man loads his car at home on a Webasto wallbox At home you can easily charge your car on a wallbox. © Gudrun Muschalla

    Tip 3: Fast charging instead of long waits. 

    Choose an electric car with Combined Charging System (CCS) fast charging and a good battery thermal management system. You can then charge your vehicle using fast charging stations, which can already be found on motorways. It is also worth having your own wallbox at home so that you can fully charge your vehicle in just 2 to 6 hours – up to 22 kW charging power. 

    Tip 4: Carefully calculate to get to your destination.

    The range achieved by electric cars has significantly increased lately. The VW ID.4, for example, can do a whopping 500 km. But many manufacturers tend to test their vehicles under perfect conditions. The reality is often a different matter entirely. So the German Automobile Association (ADAC) has come up with the following rule of thumb to ensure you always get to your destination: “Commuters should factor in a range reserve of at least 1/3 so that they can manage the way to and from work, even in winter or with an older battery after a few years of owning the vehicle.”

  • Sparking joy on the road: expertise and tips.

    Tip 5: Use energy sensibly and think about the temperature. 

    Are you driving a car with a 500 km range, but the battery is starting to drain faster than that? This may be because you are consuming lots of energy through the heating, lights or air conditioning. You need to be aware that the car will need to be charged sooner when you use these systems. Furthermore the battery in your vehicle is sensitive to temperature. This means you should park in the shade in summer. And charge your battery soon after driving in winter, when it is still warm. So you can get the most out of your electric car and drive even further. 

    Tip 6: Get your battery serviced anually. 

    The battery will be cleaned when it is serviced. You should treat your vehicle to this maintenance package once a year to ensure optimum functionality.

    Man sits in PHEV and checks his battery status With little tips and tricks you can increase the range. © Gudrun Muschalla
  • An electric car is also great for the environment.

    Solar system on the roof. With a solar system on the roof you can charge your car green and completely sustainable.


    Tip 7: Regeneration for more energy. 

    It’s a pretty simple concept: Regeneration means regaining energy. For example, when braking or driving downhill. Some electric vehicles even have a gear that helps with regeneration.

    Tip 10: Run on sunshine.

    If you have a roof over your home, you may want to consider having solar panels installed so that you can run your vehicle on solar energy. You will be much better off financially if you use energy from your own solar panels for your car, rather than paying for electricity.

    We hope these top eight tips help you to convert to an electric car.

    Drive safely and have fun!


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      Are you toying with the idea of eventually entering the electric era? Great! This article lists our top eight tips for converting to an electric vehicle.

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