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  • father with daughter on camper

    On the Road with Baby and Webasto Parking Heater Through the Pampas in Uruguay and Argentina

    After a pandemic and baby break, globetrotters Phil and Karo from “The Sunnyside” were finally back on the road in Uruguay and Argentina. We asked them how they fared with a baby onboard and the parking heater from Webasto – and of course got adventurous answers.

  • When Karo and Phil from "The Sunnyside" had to leave "Defender Will", their faithful globetrotting vehicle with a Webasto parking heater , on a campsite in Uruguay a good two years ago to get one of the last flights back to Germany, their hearts fluttered. Would they ever see Willi, with whom they had travelled through the Americas for over three years, again in his previous form – or at all? They had to wait it out for a long time to find out. The two made good use of the wait: When Uruguay finally opened its borders again in early 2022, they were proud to introduce another family member to Defender Willi, by now considered a member of the family: their eight-month-old daughter Lettie.


    Phil and Karo are seasoned travelers, but this adventure was extra special for them: sure, globetrotting is deep in Lettie's DNA, yet travel changes when you're on the road in the Uruguayan and Argentinean pampas, far from hospitals and any medical care. In the end, Karo trusted the advice of a pediatrician in Germany. Karo: "I communicated with my pediatrician beforehand, and she quickly eased my fears. We only had two medicines with us as a precaution, but we never needed them. Because in South America it's high summer in January, so colds tend to go away anyway." More planning did not seem necessary: "I otherwise packed a few jars and snacks to her clothes in the suitcase, and that was it."

  • Spontaneous travel also works with babies

    Experience a lot, but as relaxed as possible: That seems to be Phil and Karo's motto. "We mostly looked for the travel stages spontaneously. Once we were at a campsite, we picked up tips from other travelers. Where it was nice, we just stayed overnight," explains Phil. "We didn't aim for too long trips, but our baby was pretty relaxed and let us drive for four hours occasionally. "

    And so, the young family have seen a lot in about three months: Cerro Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America, lakes, rivers, the sea, beautiful campsites and starry night skies with colorful fireflies. How does such a tour stay relaxed with baby: "You should just be happy to spend time together. One or two things are enough, for example a Kraxe for hiking and a good buggy for moving around the city. That's all it takes, just don't set your sights too high," says Karo.

    family at camper The family is enjoying the sunset at their defender.
  • Defender Willi with problems, but the parking heater can be relied on

    No great journey without challenges. This time, Defender Willi turned out to be the problem child. "Unfortunately, our Defender Willi kept breaking down. We had some repairs that were not so nice. Then at the end, just before our shipment date to Germany, the engine overheated in the middle of nowhere. That was an experience we would have liked to have spared ourselves towards the end," says Phil. Fortunately, the two were able to organize a tow truck that towed the Defender Willie over 1,000 kilometers to a mechanic, who replaced the engine within three days and three nights.

    The heating system in the Defender Willi proved far more reliable. The parking heater was not used this time in the South American summer with temperatures around 30 degrees and mild nights, but Phil and Karo used the heater for hot water – even that is an incredible luxury when traveling in the wilderness.

  • Back in Germany – and also Lettie is now seized by the travel fever

    family selfie during trip The adventures with Lettie in luggage are much more exciting.

    Three months on the road, 7,000 kilometers driven, about 1000 diapers used, every day oatmeal cooked for the baby, Lettie healthy, four times repaired the Defender Willi, once replaced the engine, always hot water from the heater from Webasto: The first trip with child was a complete success. Lettie was able to breathe the air of the big wide world for the first time, Phil and Karo can calmly and confidently plan the next episode of their world trip series – again with Lettie and the usual reliable parking heater from Webasto.

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