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    Trend, change, lifestyle: We provide you with valuable tips and exciting articles about cars in the city. For example, find out why a parking heater in your car is smart or how you can avoid freezing in winter.

    Surfer paradise Munich

    A Surfing Paradise in
    the Middle of Munich? 

    Yes, you read that right. The Eisbach Wave river surfing spot in the heart of the Bavarian capital attracts surfers from around the world. Read on to find out about this unusual highlight in the region where Easy Way magazine was founded. 

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    The Most Beautiful Christmas Markets.

    Christmas markets really are wonderful. Here are five recommendations for the most beautiful and atmospheric markets in Germany, plus tips for your visit.

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    Auto Winterfit

    Winter Is Coming:

    Seven Tips. 

    What a total surprise, winter is suddenly upon us! We have compiled the best and most necessary tips to prepare you and your car for winter.

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    Frieren einheizen

    How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather.

    Older people often feel the cold, especially in winter. After all, there are plenty of ways to put an end to unpleasant shivers.

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    Staying Healthy Through Winter

    We have compiled a list of our top ten health tips to help stop you catching a cold this winter.

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    Smarte Standheizung

    A Parking Heater in the Car Is Smart.  

    When you get into your vehicle in winter, you want the interior to feel like your living room, not your fridge. 

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