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    Why Webasto Refrigerators Are So Efficient And “Cool”

    Modern appliances tend to be taken for granted—until one day they stop. Only then do the owners understand the true value of the device. Refrigerators are one example of such underestimated technical devices.

  • In boats, motor homes and caravans, refrigerators must be reliable, and often run for days on battery power when the vehicle or boat is not connected to an external power source. If the refrigerator does not work, the perishable goods in the refrigerator are immediately lost. The refrigerator also must be extremely efficient so that it does not put too much strain on the battery when the vehicle is stationary, for example. Another criterion is the noise level of the refrigerator. After all, it's usually quiet in the cabin or motor home in the evenings, and no-one wants to listen to the gurgling and droning of a refrigerator all night long.

  • Searching for the best refrigerator: boat owners and campers are technically demanding customers

    Because of the acute lack of space, outfitters, and owners of sailboats, motorboats, camper vans, caravans, and caravans are always on the lookout for the most powerful, efficient, energy-saving and reliable refrigerator.

    After a little research, it usually boils down to the question: “Absorber or compressor refrigerator?" And often the answer leads to refrigerators in the Freeline series from Webasto. These Isotherm compressor refrigerators, manufactured by Indel Webasto Marine, are among the most efficient refrigerators in the industry. How come? 

    woman in camper van Refrigerators ensure even more comfort on trips with a camper van.
  • Compressor cooling makes the difference

    Refrigerators do not produce cold, but they extract heat from the cooling chamber and its contents. In absorber refrigerators, a fan blows air through the condenser. The disadvantage of this traditional technology is that the devices reach their physical limits, especially at high or low outdoor temperatures, which means they no longer cool properly and require a lot of energy. The compressed refrigerant is then expanded again in the evaporator, absorbing the heat in the refrigerator. This cools down the refrigerator.

  • Special refrigerator solutions for boats, motor homes and caravans

    The efficient removal of heat is important for the operation of compressor refrigerators, either via the air or, with boats, via the seawater. With air cooling, the condenser on the back of the refrigerator must be well ventilated so that cold air can flow in from below and hot air can escape upwards. For heat dissipation with sea or ocean water, Webasto offers systems with different pump technology: a self-pumping, water-cooled system that is cooled by the surrounding water and is thus completely independent of the air temperature in the boat, and a water-cooled electric pump designed specifically for ships with high cooling requirements.

  • Quiet, efficient and intelligent: the compressor refrigerators from Webasto/Isotherm

    family enjoying fresh watermelon The new Freeline fridge is among the most energy-efficient refrigerators on the market.

    The crucial difference between Webasto/Isotherm refrigerators and other manufacturers’ products is hidden deep inside the refrigerator: materials and products from the automotive industry, with their stricter standards, make the refrigerators exceptionally quiet and keep the compressors compact.

    Isotherm Smart Energy Control technology uses a precise temperature sensor and voltage monitoring to control the compressor to ensure optimum efficiency and balance between performance and energy consumption. As a result, the refrigerators save up to 35 percent energy by using the compressor efficiently and up to 50 percent energy by “loading” cold into food in the refrigerator without freezing it.

    With this technology, the new models Freeline Slim 70 (70l capacity, 12l freezer compartment) and Freeline Slim 90 (90l/11l), among others, are among the most energy-efficient refrigerators with the lowest power consumption on the market, with a daily power consumption of only 290 Wh and 340 Wh. Another advantage of Webasto refrigerators is their weight, which is important for mobile applications such as in boats, motor homes and caravans.

  • New generation of compressor refrigerators is ready

    At first glance, refrigerators may appear boring. After all, they simply focus on cooling with little fuss and almost silently. But inside there are exciting technologies that keep food optimally fresh even at extreme outdoor temperatures, using as little energy as possible to do so—just right for those on the water and on the road.

    At the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf (from 26.8.) Webasto presents new refrigerators of the Freeline series and shows why the refrigerators are so “cool”.

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