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  • Zetros Zone: 
    Two Adventurers on an Epic Journey

    Two escapists, an all-terrain expedition truck and the opportunity to fulfil their lifelong dream: this is what Zetros Zone is all about. Michael and Sabine have left their old lives behind and are now setting off on an expedition around the globe. 

  • From chassis to mobile home

    Michael and Sabine in front of their big Zetros vehicle. Sabine and Michael visit Webasto before their departure.

    Under the slogan ‘Exploring the world’, they plan to travel from Venice to Greece by ferry, then cross Turkey and head to South Africa. Their designated purpose is to explore landscapes off the beaten track, from snow-capped summits to sweltering jungles. The two intrepid explorers plan to share their wild adventure with the world on their website and social media. Easy Way has met these influencers and is here to report on their passion project. The Zetros chassis from Mercedes-Benz provided the foundations for their new mobile home. With a keen eye for detail, the pair constructed a motor home like no other. The furnishings are chic yet practical, space-saving yet decorative. Behind beautiful panelling lies all the technical ingenuity of a Swiss watch to make life so much easier in this confined space. This vehicle is more than just a mode of transport, it is a fully furnished, modern home on six wheels. The two escapists are as self-sufficient as they can be here – with solar panels on the roof, their own drinking water purification system and home-made bread and cheese whenever they need it.

  • Very special customers

    A home as special as this also has some special requirements. This is what makes Sabine and Michael such interesting customers. After all, who else can say they have worked with an influencer couple circumnavigating the world in a converted truck? A Thermo 90ST water heater heats the engine and the driver’s cab in the Zetros. Another Thermo 90ST and an Air Top 5500 EVO air heater supply the truck camper. They heat the interior using convectors or the underfloor heating as required – perfect for freezing feet after venturing outside in the cold. The Air Top also features various hot air outlets, should this heat be required a little faster. A Webasto boiler has also been installed, so that the adventurers can shower as they do at home. The Isotemp Basic 24 TCT three-phase boiler can supply hot water via the heating, electricity or cooling system at any time while the vehicle is in motion.

    An Isotherm Cruise 130 Drink (Classic) fridge is on board to keep food fresher for longer. An Isotherm BI 53 freezer also enables the pair to store larger amounts of fresh food for longer periods of time. As you can see, Michael and Sabine have all bases covered. “Webasto’s extensive technology will really help us to live comfortably in the years to come,” said Michael.

    Michael explains the function of the products in the vehicle to our Webasto employees. The numerous products are installed professionally and make traveling easier.

    Their truck recently rolled into Istanbul, where the two explorers plan to immerse themselves in the world of Arabian Nights. Easy Way would like to wish the adventurous couple a good and safe journey. We will keep you updated with reports on their world tour!

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